Sierra Madre Theater- Fallout: New Vegas

Fill in the Blank

When I think of _____, _____ comes to mind

For example: When I think of Markarth, assholes comes to mind. Or, When I think of Falkreath, forests comes to mind. 

I’ll be doing photosets off of the answers I receive. So just as something fun to do, fill in the blanks! Any place in Skyrim, or the DLC can be included. 

What do you think of?

The Journey to the Vault- Fallout: New Vegas

A New Beginning: Rina- Skyrim 

I completely forgot that my Skyrim game is a piece of shit. 

In the past I had the shadows flickering and jumping problem, but I downloaded a patch that fixed all that. Problem is, I lost the patch in my computer crash, and now I can’t remember what it was called. 

Does anybody have an idea what the patch I was using might have been called?

EDIT: I found it. X

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I’m Going to be Re-Downloading Skyrim Soon

Recommend some mods to me?

Sierra Madre Restaurant- Fallout: New Vegas


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Sierra Madre Casino- Fallout: New Vegas

The Villa 3- Fallout: New Vegas