The Strip- Fallout: New Vegas

The Villa 2- Fallout: New Vegas 

Concept vs. Reality- Fallout: New Vegas (x)

Well, good news is when I finally decide to download my Skyrim game again, everything should be there. 

Bad news. All my mods for Skyrim will be gone, and that means I won’t be able to play my favorite character, and the game will look like utter shit. 

Good news. Fallout 3 is downloaded. 

Bad news. All my save files are gone. 

The Last Inhabitants- Fallout: New Vegas

So, I just wanted to give you guys an update about what’s to come. And, if there’s a preference for something to come before something else, I’ll switch up the queue. 

  • Now until September 17: Finishing up the Dead Money DLC screencaps. With a couple of the vanilla New Vegas game thrown in. 
  • September 22nd to October 25th is the Honest Hearts DLC. 
  • October 28th to November 26th is the Lonesome Road DLC 
  • November 29th to December 28th is the Old World Blues DLC 

I know it would have been better to throw them all in at once. For example, Dead Money is on Mondays, Honest Hearts Wednesdays, ect, but I didn’t plan that far ahead; and by the time I finished up Old World Blues, it seemed like a lot of work to redo everything. 

Pictures will be posted, on average, every three days from now until December 28th. This might be becoming more frequent, with an addition to vanilla New Vegas, the more I play through it. 

And if there’s a heavy weighted desire to see something now, instead of waiting until November or December, I can switch things around in the queue for that to happen. 


Lonesome Road- Fallout: New Vegas

The Villa- Fallout: New Vegas

realsweetash sent:
you should post awesome screenshots from the New Vegas DLCs :3

Oh, my friend. 

I have a queue set up until December with the four DLCs from New Vegas. So get ready!

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Fallout: New Vegas Concept Art [x]