Skeletons of the Sierra Madre 2- Fallout: New Vegas

The Hidden Twilight- Skyrim 

Skeletons of the Sierra Madre- Fallout: New Vegas

The Chilly Parts of Solstheim- Skyrim 

Important Annoucement

Hey guys.
My laptop recently stopped working. We think that a Trojan deleted my Windows Explorer, which basically renders my laptop useless.
Saying that, means that I will not be able to play any game, or upload any pictures.
I do have a queue set up for a while, but it might mean no new content for a while.

Skeletons of the Villa- Fallout: New Vegas

Sorry if they look a little over exposed. The lighting in Dead Money was less than desirable, so I had to edit them so you could actually see the skeletons.

Tel Mithryn- Skyrim 

I was playing through Honest Hearts, and it started to rain. 

I like to imagine that my character freaked the hell out, panicking because she thinks it’s raining actual acid that’ll just eat her skin off. So she just runs under some trees, or a ledge, and she’s screaming at Follows-Chalk to follow her so he won’t get hurt, and he’s just looking at her like “What the fuck is wrong with the tourist.”  

The Sierra Madre- Fallout: New Vegas

The Beginning of the End- Fallout: New Vegas