As some of you may have noticed, I’ve added a donate button to the homepage of best-of-bethesda. 

I have a couple reasons for putting it there. 

1) When my laptop had to be wiped, my parents and I were discussing getting a new laptop, since there are several problems with my current. If I can raise enough money, I can get a better, faster, and more high resolution laptop to play games on, Therefore, better pictures.

2) I can’t make commissions like a normal artist, so if you guys appreciate my work, I would really appreciate if you could donate a couple dollars here or there. 

I know not everyone has the ability to donate money. Be it because they don’t have enough themselves, or another reason. But any amount that you could donate, would be wonderful, and I would sincerely appreciate it. 

Thanks guys!

Writing on the Wall- Fallout: New Vegas


A Pal- Fallout: New Vegas

Skeletons of the Sierra Madre 2- Fallout: New Vegas

The Hidden Twilight- Skyrim 

Skeletons of the Sierra Madre- Fallout: New Vegas

The Chilly Parts of Solstheim- Skyrim 

Important Annoucement

Hey guys.
My laptop recently stopped working. We think that a Trojan deleted my Windows Explorer, which basically renders my laptop useless.
Saying that, means that I will not be able to play any game, or upload any pictures.
I do have a queue set up for a while, but it might mean no new content for a while.

Skeletons of the Villa- Fallout: New Vegas

Sorry if they look a little over exposed. The lighting in Dead Money was less than desirable, so I had to edit them so you could actually see the skeletons.